Presenting Unsung Heroes 2013

Blue Water Cafe’s 9th Annual Unsung Heroes Festival: February 1 – 28, 2013

Vancouver, B.C. (January 16, 2013) – For the past decade Executive Chef Frank Pabst has championed our local sustainable fisheries movement, spotlighting delicious yet under-utilized species. This February, Chef Pabst will present his annual “Unsung Heroes” festival, focusing on seafood such as mackerel, jellyfish and periwinkles.

“Once upon a time, these fish were considered a little exotic,” Pabst says, “but they’re really about where we live—and truly amazing to work with.”

Working in concert with the Vancouver Aquarium’s ‘Ocean Wise’ program, of which Blue Water Cafe is a founding member, Chef Pabst’s objective is to avoid species that are over-fished, or harvested in ways that can damage ocean beds – and introduce diners to fresh experiences and new flavours.
“Our real goal is to bring further awareness to these fine ingredients and make them more accessible to our guests, while trying to protect and conserve our marine ecosystems” says Chef Pabst.

Chef Pabst’s menu will cater to both the “Unsung Hero” connoisseur, as well as guests looking to try something different for the first time. Certain menu items will return by popular demand, such as Sea Urchin Scallop Mousse with Ponzu Jelly, Periwinkles poached in Kombu Dashi, and Jellyfish with Pork Jowl and Lotus Root

10% of proceeds will be donated to the Ocean Wise  sustainable seafood program.

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