CinCin Mushroom + Truffle Festival



CinCin’s Mushroom and Truffle Festival
Friday, November 1st to Saturday, November 30th

“Nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen,” says CinCin Executive Chef Andrew Richardson.

The evening of November 1st will signal the beginning of CinCin’s ninth annual, month-long Festa del Fungo. Join Chef Richardson in celebrating truffles and wild mushrooms, which herald the lusty flavours of autumn.

Richardson, whose Michelin-starred skills and contemporary Italian cuisine have been pleasing the appetites of his guests for the past 18 months, has been busy meeting with his suppliers. Together they have selected the finest native examples of mushrooms that best demonstrate the flavours of our coastal fields and forests. Guests will be treated to a nightly rotating list of mushroom varieties including golden chanterelles, lobster, hedgehog, hen-of-the-woods, king oyster and portobello. A number of specialty dishes will be featured on chef’s ‘mid-course’ menu, including Chef’s chestunut and potato gnocchi served with rosemary, almonds, and of course, his decadent truffle cream.

Chef Richardson has also been on a quest for the world’s finest truffles. Each dish on the special menu has been designed specifically for the festival, in order to pair perfectly with the striking flavours of fresh black Burgundy or white Alba truffles. “We buy only the best, hand-selected from experts we trust,” he says. “The trick with truffles is not to clean them too early,” he adds. “They are truly living ingredients, and their layer of earth should be gently washed just before use.”

We look forward to welcoming you to Festa del Fungo and we will soon be announcing exciting details about our special, multi-course truffle wine dinner in late November.
Cin Cin!

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