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New Line of Chocolate Bars + Barks
by Master chocolatier Thierry Busset 

Master chocolatier Thierry Busset is delighted to announce his latest signature chocolate line, now available at his shop on Alberni Street.

These elegantly packaged chocolate bars and barks range from a Venezuelan 72 percent dark chocolate bar characterized by notes of currants and chestnuts, to a textured Puff Rice bark featuring Kayambe milk chocolate.

“I’m thrilled that we can now introduce these products,” he said. “We continuously search the world for the very best chocolate—from Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador—and have tempered and formed it in our kitchens with beaucoup d’amour.”


Venezuelan Dark Chocolate 72%
Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate 45%
Peruvian Dark Chocolate  68%


Rice Puff ecuadorian milk chocolate 45%
Hazelnut peruvian dark chocolate 68%
Pistachio Candied Orange brazilian dark chocolate 62%

It’s no secret that Thierry is a wildly popular spot to visit throughout the day and into the evening, for signature pastries and a variety of teas, coffees or a glass of wine – with lunch at the top of the list …

Introducing the Sandwich Line @ Thierry
by West Executive Chef Quang Dang

West Executive Chef Quang Dang has recently lent his expertise for this latest array of sandwiches available at the shop from 11am onwards. “We’re really excited to be working so closely with Chef Dang, with these modern and delicious sandwich selections,” Busset says.

The bread is baked in-house daily, and the freshest and finest artisanal products from our top local suppliers — including Granville Island’s Oyama meats — complete the perfect sandwich package!


Roasted Summer Vegetables provolone + balsamic mayo
Jambon Blanc + Gruyère roma tomato + dijon fromage frais
Sopressata + Arugula basil mayo
Cold Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon cucumber + caper cream cheese
Montreal Smoked Beef cabbage slaw + sherry mayo + dijon

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